1. I’m a hopeless romantic, all love is possible and relevant. Even though I’ve never really experienced it, the possibilities of  a “When Harry met Sally” “The Notebook” “Sleepless in Seattle” and You’ve Got Mail” type of romance causes me to wake up with great joy every day! Cheers to another 24hr chance at love..
  2. Speaking of love…I do have those feelings towards animals of any kind, as long as they don’t come within 50ft of my personal space. However, as a child my two sisters and I owned a mutt that we found and promptly named Sandy (my ode to Annie) who thought it was cool to barf frequently and then eat it, Yuck!
  3. I adore musicals. Period. My favorite is *drum roll please* “Annie” Every time I had a bad day, I firmly believed as a child, that the sun would come out tomorrow if I sang it loud enough. “When I’m stuck with a day that’s gray and looonellllllyyyyy, I just stick out my chin, and grin, and saaaaaaay”. I still believe this.
  4. I suck at arguments and cursing… I think of witty statements two days after the argument is over. I’ve always admired my parents ability to scream obscenities but, could never get past the brashness of it all. Instead I avoid it at all costs and say things like sugarfoot! fiddlesticks! and darn it! just to annoy people.
  5. I’ve want to be a traveling gypsy. The thought of roaming between random cities and countries frightens most of my friends however, being faced with potential abductions, dirty water, language barriers, lack of sleep, and nightly attempts at finding decent shelter excites me!

Thank you for visiting my site, where creativity is my defense mechanism against life!  I’m elated to have an innovative way to stay in contact with my readers, fellow writers, and clients. I urge all of you to leave suggestions or questions that you may have in the comment field below.

I appreciate your continued support!

11 thoughts on “Home

  1. Najla! I like your blog! Great design! Nice clean look. Your intro was interesting and clearly described how you got here and where you’re going. I anticipate interesting, thought provoking and enlightening ideas and discussion! So go ahead — exceed my expectations!

  2. I share #4 with you, although it is a little easier for me to curse than I would like it be; I have a heck of a time coming up with comebacks. What do we get from arguing anyways? I’d rather agree to disagree and save myself the headache.
    Great post Najla!

  3. A fascinating discussion is worth comment. I do believe that you should write
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    people don’t talk about such topics. To the next! Many thanks!!

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