Is casual sex REALLY casual?

God I declare, that like Ruth, I have come to take refuge under your wings..

Joyce Meyer, Everyday Life Bible, adapted from Ruth 2:12

From conception you are pre-wired with a set of habits; cry, eat, sleep. If you cry as an infant and no one answers, the basic needs of your human existence are not being met. As you grow older, those who care for you help to form habits (good or bad) within you. Manners and  healthy eating are things you should learn as a child which develop into habit.

You carry childhood habits into adulthood. When you find yourself subjected to vice, often it’s a search for fulfillment (need) not met as a child.

                              Drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, porn, sex……      

Things substituted for fulfillment with belief it makes you happy, failing to realize this happiness is temporary.

When sex is used as a Band-Aid to cover feelings of un-fulfillment, you give of yourself freely, this causes it to become habit and you become enslaved. Habits are what control your daily life and are most often subconscious. Becoming aware of your actions and the thoughts that lead up to them is a powerful way to alter your life’s course!

ARE your habits bad?

You should ask yourself… Do my thoughts or actions contribute  to the goodness of my overall health, life, or those around me?

It’s hard to ignore the sexual imagery that we come in contact with daily. In today’s society sex is used in all forms of media to sell anything from cars to toothpaste. It creates the implication that casual encounters are acceptable and maybe even desirable. Feeding in to these media messages can cause you to behave in ways you otherwise wouldn’t.

Loneliness, lowered self-esteem; feelings of resentment and rejection (why am I not good enough to be something other than a sex partner?) anger and hurt are some of the feelings that may lead you to continue this pattern of behavior in a constant search for happiness. Most often casual sex leaves you with these kinds of feelings. Unlike many other vices, sex ties you emotionally to another human being. It is a level of intimacy consistently abused beyond its purpose; a loving, committed, monogamous marriage, anything other than these, is not in God’s plan for your life.

To live in contrast to God’s design for your life leaves you with relentless un-fulfillment..

To stop or start a behavior is often beyond your control. Once habits form, they are hard to break. Trying to create new ones are just as hard (think new year’s resolutions) When you lay down your life before God, admitting you cannot change by yourself nor do you want to control your own life anymore, a shift dictates to unwanted habits. A lifestyle pleasing to him and good for you inevitably follows.

Be like Ruth and take refuge under God’s wings. In doing this, you have ability to soar above fears and un-beliefs. Rest on his truths about your life. The courage gained will enable you to challenge yourself beyond measure. With God, it’s possible to live a fulfilled, Christ like life. You can do all things through his strength!




One thought on “Is casual sex REALLY casual?

  1. In addition,no matter how advanced and developed we claim to be,the earth remains God’s property and His governing principles are both timeless and eternal.
    Illicit sex is truely pleasurable;however,at the end of the day you will pay dearly for it whether or not it results in STD or pregnancy.
    Because God hates sin.He will forgive sin,but His justice requires sin to be punished.That I can confirm to you without equivocation.

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