3 ways to find happiness… TODAY!

“Success is not just who you are, but who you surround yourself with” Najla Speaks


This could not be a truer statement, parading around with negative Nancy’s and pessimistic Peter’s can do nothing except drain you of all life’s wonders and possibilities. If you are the main source of inspiration among your friends, then maybe you need new friends. We tend to feel indebted to people we have known for a long time, and nothing can be more false. People change, relationships are outgrown, and the past is exactly that…. the past. When you find yourself stuck, take notice of what’s happening around you. Are you surrounding yourself with people who can propel you further, or are at least encouraging you to go further? Life is a learning process and you are meant to constantly evolve. So why do we believe that things (relationships, views, goals) should stay the same? I think it’s because we as humans are most comfortable with complacency and routine. No one really enjoys change. Those of us who go against this norm often to get the most out of life.


  1. Detox– This step is almost never mentioned but, has always been important to me when advising someone on how to live better. I believe that detoxing is necessary to start fresh. It’s like when you were a kid, playing board games and you lost… Most of us would holler out “I want a do-over”! Read Detoxing of the mind, body and soul it gives a new perspective on nutrition, your health and helping you to change your life’s direction. Do not underestimate the power of having a healthy body and mind!
  2. Believe– I cannot stress this enough but, knowing who you are and believing in yourself will help you to become who you want to be. Surround yourself with others who want to see you change, if your circle is full of negativity, remove yourself and meet new people! Meetup.com is a great resource for finding groups who share the same interests, and they are almost located everywhere.  I’m generally not a fan of self-help books but, I am reading Iyanla Vanzant’s “Meantime” right now. Although its main focus is finding yourself and the love you deserve, it gives helpful insight on knowing who you are at this very moment. The first step is to know what’s wrong. The second is to do something about it. In order to be the change you have to Pray. Believe. Do.
  3. Focus– Become solution driven and stop thinking of yourself as a victim! You are no longer a victim of circumstance or situations. Evaluate what is happening to and around you, think about ways to change it for better. Write those things down and devise a realistic plan on how to achieve solid results. Take action and put that plan to work!

 FINDING YOUR AWESOME               Image

Remember, it’s not a complicated task to live better, be better, and do better. There is also no magic wand. You have to want it for YOU. Where do you see yourself one month from now? One year? Five years? Visualize where you want to be and believe that you can get there…. GO FOR IT!


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