Got Breakfast? Are You Still….

Sorry, I haven’t posted in a while, I think I had a bit of writer’s block and I haven’t been inspired lately but, I attended religious services yesterday morning and Ta Da! I thought of this……

If we have yet to find true fulfillment in our lives we wake every morning empty. This emptiness creates an appetite that needs to be satisfied, so we go about our day trying to find ways to rid ourselves of this hunger. We cook great meals, we exercise, we excel at work or in school and we aim to be the perfect spouse, parent or child. It’s pretty exhausting and we still end up feeling well….. empty.

We have just cycled through twenty-four hours of mundane activities searching for validation by way of accomplishments. Let’s be honest, we don’t do these things for own satisfaction, we do them for acceptance by our friends, family and society.

How often do we post pictures and quotes via social networks to manufacture appearances of “perfect” lives?

How often do we go to bed at night pondering on what we could have done better during day? How often do we wake up the next morning aiming to fix what went wrong yesterday, on top of MORE accomplishments for today?

If we do this long enough, days turn into weeks

weeks turn into months

months turn into years

years turn into an empty LIFETIME.

True satisfaction comes from within.. It comes from knowing the truth about you..

You have been fearfully and wonderfully made, not to chase the dream but to live the dream that’s inside of you..

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