Lose Weight in 7 Days!

We’ve all tried it, this diet and that diet, treadmill running and squats. We make resolutions every New Year to lose weight, some way… some how this new diet is gonna work! We often get frustrated by mid March because we have slacked off and haven’t changed our lifestyle OR weight at all.


Could it be that it’s not as simple as making a resolution? We must first tackle the battle of our mind and get to the bottom of why we eat the way we do, why don’t we exercise, and why don’t we value our health as much as we should?

I believe the reason why most of us do not succeed when it comes to changing our lifestyle is the lack of planning. When you make a conscious decision to change your life, everything within you is going to fight against it, you been practicing the same habits for years and they most certainly will not change overnight! 

There are some steps that you can take to ensure a better outcome and get on the fast track to losing weight within a week!

First, you need to plan and prepare your meals for the week on Sunday. Incorporate lots of fresh veggies and prepare them by steaming, refrigerate in tupperware and label according to the days of the week. Lean proteins such as  tuna and grilled chicken can be made ahead of time and stored as well. Always load your plate with more veggies, limit meat portions to about 4 oz, the size of a deck of cards. Snack on fruits, almonds, and raw veggies in between meals. Put yourself on a time schedule (eat every 3 hours) and restrict food consumption to the kitchen/dining room only. For weight loss of more than 15 pounds, try replacing a meal with a slimming smoothie and adding supplements to help you achieve your desired results.


Lastly, do not go at it alone! Find an accountability buddy and encourage each other through the process. Changing your lifestyle is a process, it’s not magic or a quick fix. Take each day as a journey towards a lifetime of wellness, health and happiness!

Feel free to visit my site www.beautychickfit.com or email me at thebeautychick@usa.com to purchase a skinny wrap to tighten, tone and firm your trouble areas in just 45 minutes!


Please consult your physician before beginning any diet or exercise program.


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