Najla Speaks

This is the page where I get to be serious… Kinda. I’m an UN serious person who knows that laughing IS the best medicine. 

I’m  a freelance writer from Long Island, NY. I  live in Charlotte, NC  with  two school aged daughters  and a  2 yr old son.  I fell in love with books and words while trying to escape the dysfunction that is typically called family. Yup! Given a book and I was immediately transported into one of Ramona the Pest‘s tantrums or some Sweet Valley High drama. I miss those days. Now, the only transporting I do is in a locked bathroom at two-minute intervals while attempting to shower (until the little one figures out how to unscrew the doorknob) I dread the day…

 I have recently taken on the challenge of finding my voice as a writer while in  pursuit of a Liberal Arts degree at the moment and ultimately a Masters in Creative Writing.

 For the last year I’ve written semi professionally and have articles published in print and over the web.  My main writing and research interests are social activism, health and wellness, parenting, dating & relationships and spirituality. I don’t believe any of these things remotely tie together but, that pretty much sums up my life. It just doesn’t tie together.

Join me on my journey as I attempt to pick up the loose ends. 

Press releases, local interest pieces, resumes’, bio’s, article, and creative writing are among the many services that I offer.  Currently, I’m focusing on expanding my portfolio as a freelancer across genres. I also have experience in marketing, advertising, and consumer relations.

When I have what normal people call ” free time” I enjoy reading a good book or magazine, exercise, whipping up an organic smoothie, GO #teamorganic!!! and spending time with my children.

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Najla Speaks


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