Are we there yet? 5 reasons why I’m over Christmas before December 25th..and you should be too!

It’s not fair that each year, after November 25th, I’m under extreme pressure to be jolly. Oh sure, the Christmas songs, candy canes, and gingerbread houses are fun….But, it’s barely December and I wish it were June again already.

For one entire month people pretend they REALLY  like you and then revert back to loathing your existence from February through November.

Hey! I almost ran a woman over in the parking lot of Target this morning and she smiled at me. Tis the season.

Please can it with all the jelly preserves and fruitcake. Who really likes to eat THAT??? No grandma, I don’t want to try it. Thanks.

Running through the mall during extended hours, fighting through endless lines and overspending. Regretting it in January. Ridiculous.

By the way, Santa is completely sick of cookies and milk. He needs a new dessert. How about a fruitcake? Shhhh… What’s that Santa? A little louder.. I think I just made Santa curse. Shrugs.

Reindeer and snowmen. Ice skating and Pine trees. Toys and Lights. I’m over it, are we there YET?…

Look here! I’m not a total Scrooge, so here are some fabulous sites for  fruitcake recipes. Enjoy!!