Believe In Your Greatness

I always challenge myself to be greater.. Be a better mother, friend, daughter, student.. Be a better christian.

A better christian.

It’s hard enough to be a good person in a society where doing wrong seems to be celebrated, let alone a christian. I can totally relate to Paul’s letters in the bible where he states that he wants to do right but always does the opposite. Life’s hard.

It’s not in anyone’s DNA to become successful at anything overnight, that includes living a Christ like life. Philosophers have debated for years over if we are innately born bad or good and honestly no one knows the answer. I believe if we trust our heart and have faith in the things that God has placed there, we become inspired and filled with courage to do more than we ever imagined.

Believe in yourself…. Trust your heart….Challenge yourself…. Have faith.. Be Great

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Beyond Imagination & Dreams

Beyond Imagination & Dreams

Much like our lives, no one really knows where an ocean begins or ends… but that doesn’t stop it from existing.

We don’t plan our beginning, nor do we know our ending but, that doesn’t mean we cease to exist either.

To truly exist is to experience ALL that life has for you but, If you never step foot off the shore, how will you know?

Reach Beyond Imagination & Dreams……. LIVE