Petition aids in pulling the rug from under “All my babies’ mama’s”…

Over 37,000 signatures were received via Color of Change to halt the airing of Oxygen Networks new reality show, “All my babies mama’s”.

 Thank Heavens; just the title alone is insulting. In an age where the majority of cultural depiction relies on media, being black AND being labeled a “baby mama” is all too familiar. How many television shows have to be written and produced to get this point across? Why do we seem to glorify this image? If we keep allowing negative portrayals of minorities into our living rooms and newsstands, the way society depicts these classes will never change.

Although I am “a baby mama” myself, I’ve never been proud of that societal title. I would never exploit this fact to my children, let alone others and encourage the same behavior. While there is nothing wrong with single parenthood, it seems to be an expectation in the black community and is sometimes even celebrated. The benefit of children having a healthy, two parent household far outweighs the struggle of raising them alone.

When major TV networks produce shows such as All my babies mama’s they have to factor in their audience and the message being spread. In no way would this show have been positive for a young or even adult audience. Spotlighting a rapper with eleven children by ten different mothers, to none of which he is married, does nothing for the black community except exploit it even further and solidify negative depictions other races have of it.Image

Oxygen network released this statement saying it will “continue to develop compelling content that resonates with our young female viewers and drives the cultural conversation.”

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Is bragging the NEW doing?

I hear bragging is the new doing

If bragging IS the new doing, who’s really getting anything done?

The anonymity of social media allows everyone to have the perfect life, kids, husband, wife, career, house, car..ect.. All that’s left are you tireless people who actually get up and go to work everyday. While the braggers sit around and TYPE about all that their accomplishing, you’re actually out here doing it. Shame on you.

I hear reality TV is the new real…

If you aren’t the third baby mama, or getting cheated on by your “once famous” significant other, or brawling in a public arena, you really aren’t living..

I hear sex tapes are the new talent agent

A leak of your bedroom romping with a semi-celeb guarantees you a solid gig, maybe even millions. Just look at Kim K, she makes us proud!

I hear Skype is the new date…

I hear church is the new nightlife…

I hear shrugging is the new high-five…

I hear IDK, J/K, OMW, IMO, WYD and OMG are the new conversation…

I hear I love you is the new “we’re just friends”.